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Irrationally Exuberant

I Think We've All Learned An Important Lesson Here

Danny Adams
I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia, where I'm living again after a nice three year interlude in Northern Virginia. I was lucky enough to snag a job as a college librarian, though my ultimate aspiration is to write fiction for a living.

I am the author of Lest Camelot Fall (Musa Publishing), a historical fiction novel about the Knights of the Round Table after the fall of Camelot. And I am the co-author, with Philip Jose Farmer, of The City Beyond Play (PS Publishing), a short science fiction adventure novel about a murderer who hides out in a community of medieval reenactors who never, ever step out of their roles.

I review speculative and independently published fiction for Publishers Weekly, and wrote essays and other such things for Farmerphile, the official Philip Jose Farmer fan magazine. And last but not least, I am a member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association.

Finally, and most important, my favorite person in the world married me on the 26th of May 2002! Everything else of importance you can read about in my Journal entries.

P.S. Beware of news entries attributed to S. Fox and Vivarium Press. And that A.P. Flower can't be trusted either.

Photo Journal

Upcoming Stuff:

Lest Camelot Fall (historical novel), Clio / Musa Publishing, January 2014

"Picnic at the Trinity Test Site" (SF poem), Asimov's Science Fiction

2013 Stuff:

"Chestnuts, Sleep" (poem, reprint), The Journal of the American Chestnut Foundation
Afterword for Titan Books' reprint of Philip Jose Farmer's The Wind Whales of Ishmael
"Sunday at the Quantum Revival" (SF poem), Asimov's

2012 Stuff:

"Angel of the Hopeless" (SF story audio "reprint"), Tales of Old
The City Beyond Play (e-book reprint), PS Publishing

"Flowers in Scorched Soil" (F/SF poem), Space & Time
"Tornado Warning" (SF poem), Asimov's
"They Brought Me Your Memories" (SF poem), Strong Verse
Review of Brian D. McKnight's Confederate Outlaw: Champ Ferguson and the Civil War in Appalachia, Virginia Libraries
Review of Tameka B. Hobbs' To Collect, Protect, and Serve: Behind the Scenes at the Library of Virginia, Virginia Libraries
Review of Margaret Edds' Finding Sara: A Daughter's Journey, Pine Mountain Sand and Gravel

2011 Stuff:

Interview with S.M. Stirling, Farmerphile
"Bribing Karma" (SF/F poem), Asimov's
"Utnapishtim on Friday After Dessert" (F poem, reprint), Southern Fried Weirdness for Tornado Relief
"North of Judgment, South of Reason" (SF story), Kaleidotrope
Review of Border War: Fighting Over Slavery Before the Civil War by Stanley Harrold, Virginia Libraries
"Religion is Canceled" (SF poem), Asimov's

2010 Stuff:

August 1997 interview with Philip Jose Farmer, The Worlds of Philip Jose Farmer 1: Protean Dimensions
"A Plea to Time's Gatekeepers" (SF poem), Star*Line
"The Lighthouse of Ajax Mountain" (F story), Mobius: The Journal of Social Change
"An Unwitting Love Confirm'd" (SF poem), Defenestration
"The Minimalist Othello" (poem), Defenestration
"The World Belongs to the Young" (F/SF poem), Mythic Delirium

2009 Stuff:

"Not A Betting Man" (SF poem), Illumen
Two photographs in "The Whole Pinhole Camera Show", Greer Gallery, Ferrum College
Review of Corner Pride by Charles Shea LeMone, Virginia Libraries
"Nearly Ready For Occupation" (SF poem), Asimov's
"Erasing the Universe's Chalkboard" (SF poem), Ideomancer
"Leo Passimus Remembers His First Voyage" (F poem), Heroic Fantasy Quarterly
"Today in the Power Outage" (SF poem), Star*Line
"Like A Stone Wall" (Alt. history story), Paradox
"Last Gift From the Eldest" (SF poem), Mythic Delirium
"The Frozen People" (SF story audio "reprint"), Drabblecast
"The Resurrection of Tom Mix" (essay), Farmerphile

2008 Stuff:

"Last Transmission From the Parallelity Castaway" (SF poem, reprint), Helix
"The Middle Hours" (SF poem, last line missing), Not One Of Us
"Next August" (SF poem, reprint), Transcriptase
Review of The New Space Opera, edited by Gardner Dozois and Johnathan Strahan, Some Fantastic
"A Study of Ralph von Wau Wau" (essay), Farmerphile
Review of Sean Williams' The Crooked Letter, Some Fantastic
"Last Transmission From the Parallelity Castaway" (SF poem), Not One Of Us
Review of Time Twisters, ed. by Jean Rabe and Martin H. Greenberg, Some Fantastic

2007 Stuff:

"Mirror Mendelev" (SF haiku), Star*Line
"The Great Attractor's Voice" (SF haiku), Star*Line
"Analysis of the End of Our Universe" (SF poem), The Clinch Mountain Review
"A World Lost Under" (poem), Star*Line
"Are You Ready For the End of the World?" (SF audio "reprint"), Escape Pod Classic
"The New Arrival's Examination" (SF poem), Illumen
Honorable Mention for "After the Circus" (Alt. history story), The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, 20th Annual Collection
"Next August" (SF poem), Helix
Review of Cory Doctorow's Overclocked, Some Fantastic
"Sail On, Traveler" (SF story), Fictitious Force
Review of the September 2007 Asimov's, Tangent
Review of the June 2007 Strange Horizons stories, Tangent
"Covenant" (SF poem), Star*Line
"Are You Ready For the End of the World?" (SF reprint), The Best of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine SciFi
"Go Home From Bonnie Earth" (SF poem reprint), 2007 Rhysling Anthology
Review of July 2007 Fantasy & Science Fiction, Tangent
Review of Hub #2, Tangent
"Cydonia River" (SF poem), Not One Of Us
"Finnegan’s Wage, or, Portrait of the Farmer as a Joycean Fan" (essay), Farmerphile
Review of the June 2007 Fantasy & Science Fiction, Tangent
Review of Hartwell and Cramer's Year's Best Fantasy 6, Some Fantastic
Review of the May 2007 Fantasy & Science Fiction, Tangent
"A Cloud of Unforeseen Destinations" (F poem), Illumen
Review of The Year's Best Fantasy Volume 6, edited by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer, Some Fantastic
"Redshift Dreamer" (SF story), Trabuco Road
Review of the April 2007 Fantasy & Science Fiction, Tangent
Review of the March 2007 Fantasy & Science Fiction, Tangent
Interview with Mike Allen / time_shark (plus photo credit), Virginia Libraries
"Peering Into the Mechanics" (SF poem), Coyote Wild
Review of Forgotten Worlds #5, Tangent
"Drinking Alone In A Capellan Tavern" (SF poem), The Shantytown Anomaly

2006 Stuff:

"Chestnuts, Sleep" (poem), Appalachian Heritage
"Braiding the World Lines" (SF/F poem), Ideomancer
"After the Circus" (Alt. history story), Paradox
Review of the Autumn 2006 Shimmer, Tangent
Review of Challenging Destiny #23, Tangent
"Conjunctivitis of the Third Eye" (SF/F poem), Mythic Delirium
"Sprawled Across the Solar System's Windowsill" (SF poem), Star*Line (misattributed to Kendall Evans)
Review of Philip Jose Farmer's Pearls From Peoria, Strange Horizons
Review of Paul Di Filippo's Shuteye For the Timebroker, Some Fantastic
"A Box Within A Box" (essay), Farmerphile
"The Wind-Catching Wizard" (F story), Mythic
"Don't All Caves Go Underground?" (F story), The Mount Zion Speculative Fiction Review
Honorable Mention for "Village of One Thousand Cranes" in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, 19th Annual Collection
"Alias Philip Jose Farmer: The Sore Bridge and a Latter-Day Victorian Chronicler" (essay), Farmerphile
Reviews of Jeffrey Ford's The Empire of Ice Cream and George Zebrowski's Black Pockets: And Other Dark Thoughts, Some Fantastic
"On NASA's Discovery of 'Interstellar Chocolate'" (SF poem), Astropoetica
"Alien Autopsy" (SF story), AlienSkin
"Utnapishtim on Friday After Dessert" (F poem), The 2006 Rhysling Anthology
"Go Home From Bonnie Earth" (SF poem, Rhysling nominee), Star*Line
"Angel of the Hopeless" (SF story), Aoife's Kiss
"Phil Farmer Meets Roger Bacon at the Ends of the Earth" (essay), Farmerphile
Review of Chris Roberson's Adventure, Vol. 1, plus "Sci-Fi Geeks Vs. Football Morons" (quasi-essay), Some Fantastic
"The Grand Design" (SF poem), Star*Line
"Are You Ready For the End of the World?" (SF "audio reprint"), Escape Pod
"Hermetically Sealed" (SF story), Not One Of Us
"Payment For Passage" (SF poem), The Shantytown Anomaly
"Archimedes' Choice" (Alt. history story), Revolution Science Fiction
Interview with Charles Coleman Finlay and reviews of his books Wild Things and The Prodigal Troll, Some Fantastic
"How To Be A Gracious Host To Your Alien Conqueror" (SF poem), Mytholog

2005 Stuff:

"The Lead Foot Monk" (F story), The Mount Zion Speculative Fiction Review
"Utnapishtim on Friday After Dessert" (F poem, Rhysling nominee), Mythic Delirium
"The Impossibles of the New River" (F story), Southern Comfort (print charity anthology)
"These Dreams of Old Earth My Flesh" (SF poem), The Shantytown Anomaly
Reviews of You Bet Your Planet and ReVisions; plus "Breaking Out of the Golden Age" (essay), Some Fantastic
"How Coyote Got the World (Almost) To Himself" (F story), Kenoma
"Looking Down At You Looking Up At Me" (children's poem), KidVisions
Honorable Mention for "A Deconstruction of Beauty" in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, 18th Annual Collection
"Now, While the Stars are Invisible" (F poem), Lone Star Stories
"The Frozen People" (SF flash fiction), Abyss & Apex
"Ode to the Last Mountain" (SF poem, reprint), Muslim Wakeup!
"A Brobdingnagian Education (or, How Philip Jose Farmer Saved My Life In Four Easy Steps)" (essay), Some Fantastic
"Yesterday's Stars" (SF poem), Illumen
"Village of One Thousand Cranes" (F story), Revolution Science Fiction

2004 Stuff:

"Planetary Reproduction and Death" (SF tanka), Scifaikuest (online)
Reprint of "Are You Ready For the End of the World?", Some Fantastic
"Project Icarus Goes Down" (SF haiku), Scifaikuest (print)
"Are You Ready For the End of the World?" (SF story), Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine
"A Deconstruction of Beauty" (SF story), Not One Of Us
"Ode to the Last Mountain" (SF poem), Strange Horizons
"The Windmills are Closed" (F poem, reprint), Enchanted Visions



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