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Soul Equilibrium - Irrationally Exuberant [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Danny Adams

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Soul Equilibrium [Mar. 28th, 2012|05:13 pm]
Danny Adams
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[Current Location |Stuck In 1650]
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No writing since Saturday, and I likely won't get any done for a few more days--our basement got flooded by a tornadic storm this past weekend (with the funnel cloud passing right overhead under a lightning-filled hail-slashed turquoise sky, though fortunately never touching down), and Laurie and I are still cleaning up the basement in our free time and salvaging whatever can be.

Annoyingly, some of the ruined items were related to Arizona, things I simply didn't realize were down there: A biography of Geronimo, Herbert Bolton's famous biography of Coronado, and a USPS stamp sheet of the Sonoran Desert.

As bad as the damage was, though, it could've been a lot worse--not the least of which being that I had almost all of our animals sheltering down there when the water broke through, but all came out perfectly fine. And I now have power in my Writing Room again (which I didn't for awhile after the water found a main wire).

At any rate, I got a fair chunk of writing done Saturday before the storm hit, so that'll have to hold me for awhile.


New Words: 2600 on Chapter 3 ("Spirit, Faith, and Reason") of Arizona. Fray Miguel can't make life for the Hopi better under a regime of corrupt friars and more corrupt soldiers, but he can at least keep things from getting vastly worse.

Total Words: 96200.

Reason For Stopping: Taking a break. During said break was when I started hearing the tornado warnings both from my mother and alarms screaming on my weather alert radio.

Book Year(s): 1642-1650.

Mammalian Assistance: I had my door open, so nearly all of the cats came in at one time or another to check the place out.

Exercise: Walked Tucker around the neighborhood in the morning. In the afternoon I carried several cats and one small dog down into the basement when I heard about the tornado. A few minutes later I rushed them all back upstairs when the small but determined backyard flood broke through a ground-level window and re-channeled itself into the basement. I then spent several hours that afternoon through night bailing. All in all I would've rather gone to the campus Fitness Center.

Stimulants: After collapsing for a late dinner, Large Quantities of Dr. Pepper.

Today's Opening Passage: Miguel pieced together the truth quickly, and found himself surprised that while Cristobal’s worry was inconsolable, the captain did not flee. When days without news stretched into weeks, Cristobal grew so agitated that he managed to surprise Miguel again: he came for confession. He did not, however, want to use a confessional, but instead to stand before the altar, his eyes on the tall gold cross that Miguel had just placed there for the Vespers service. “Is there any reason for the confessional?” Cristobal snapped in his more characteristic martinet tone. “Or is it just to protect the privacy of the timid?”

Darling Du Jour: Another context-based one . . .

Following his reprieve, Cristobal still didn’t come to church. But he never again prevented any of his soldiers from doing so.

Non-Research / Review Book In Progress: Farmer; More. I also just yesterday sent my last review for the Amazon Breakout Novel Award. Happily, and in stark contrast to last year, I liked all five manuscripts. At least three of them are, in my humble opinion, good enough to see print, and the other two will be with just a little work.

[User Picture]From: sartorias
2012-03-28 10:12 pm (UTC)
Oh, geez, I am so glad you guys are okay!!!!
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[User Picture]From: al_zorra
2012-03-29 12:52 am (UTC)
Holy cow, babee!

Glad the damage isn't like you know really big.

Climate change isn't fun for anyone.

Love, C.
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