Danny Adams (madwriter) wrote,
Danny Adams

Temporal Side Effects

One unexpected result of remembering high school via reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower was that I was suddenly beset by a 1980s nostalgia kick. This has manifested itself thus far in re-watching two of my favorite TV shows from the 80s, Voyagers! and Remington Steele.

Alas, so far three of the TV shows from that era that I'd like to watch the most aren't on DVD yet (or were on videotape, as far as I can tell): Wizards and Warriors (featuring the young Julia Duffy and Duncan Regher), Q.E.D. (featuring a youngish Sam Waterston), and Outlaws (featuring a middle-aged Rod Taylor).

And speaking of Voyagers!, here's a bit of trivia I just discovered that will make some of us feel old: this past Sunday marked the 25th anniversary of the death of Jon-Erik Hexum. Hope your sailing's been smooth, Bogg.

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