Danny Adams (madwriter) wrote,
Danny Adams

Moment Of Truth

To all the folks who've defended the "Unitary Executive" powers George W. Bush has taken over the last few years, I ask you something again that I have occasionally asked over those years, only my checklist is a bit more specific now:

  • Are you OK with Barack Obama authorizing warrantless wiretapping?

  • Are you OK with Barack Obama authorizing warrantless searches of any of your personal records, including phone and computer usage?

  • Are you OK with Barack Obama unilaterally determining who is a terrorist?

  • Are you OK with Barack Obama authorizing secret military tribunals?

  • Are you OK with Barack Obama telling Congress (or anyone else) that none of his administration's officials need to testify anywhere because they have executive privilige?

  • Are you OK with Barack Obama classifying in the name of national security thousands of his administration's documents having nothing to do with national security?

  • Are you OK with Barack Obama supporting administration members who block Freedom of Information Act requests at most every opportunity?

  • Are you OK with Barack Obama setting up "free speech zones" to corral protesters, or doing mass arrests of 1000+ protestors and holding them without charges, as happened in New York City during the 2004 Republican Convention?

  • Are you OK with carrying a federal ID under an Obama presidency?

  • Are you OK with signing a loyalty oath to hear Obama speak, or being thrown out of an Obama event if you're wearing a t-shirt that could be construed as anti-Obama?

  • Are you OK with Barack Obama using the military or contracted mercenaries for peacekeeping duties within America's borders?

  • Are you OK with Barack Obama giving the go-ahead for "extreme interrogation techniques"?

  • Are you OK with Barack Obama and his vice-president refusing to release the names of anyone visiting them at the White House?

  • Will you be OK with Obama's vice-president saying s/he isn't really a part of the Executive Branch or the Legislative Branch and therefore not accountable for his or her actions under either branch's rules?

  • Are you OK with being labelled "unpatriotic" or "anti-American" if you criticize anything Obama does in the name of national security?

    I just wanted to check. Because do you really think once a president takes certain powers, a later president from the opposing party will ditch them?

    If you answered "yes" to all of the checklist items above, then I at least respect you for swallowing hard and staying consistent in your belief that the president should be pre-eminent in American government rather than accepting any inconveniences like checks and balances.
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