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FarmerCon IV: The Philip Jose Farmer Memorial, Part One (With 12 Photos) - Irrationally Exuberant [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Danny Adams

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FarmerCon IV: The Philip Jose Farmer Memorial, Part One (With 12 Photos) [Jun. 18th, 2009|10:18 am]
Danny Adams
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Held in the Farmerian home town of Peoria, Illinois. The official events were on Saturday, June 6th, though a few of us were doing some work and play on Friday and Sunday as well.

Mike Croteau, editor of Farmerphile, shows my cousin Philip
a recently-discovered file from the PJF Literary File Cabinet on Friday,
at the Farmer home in Peoria.

Dennis Power at the Farmer home.
(This was the first time I'd met him.)

This was the scene that greeted me upon entering FarmerCon IV
at the Peoria Public Library.

Christopher Paul Carey / cpcarey and Mike.

Win Scott Eckert / winscotteckert reveals the schedule.

Rachel and Rick Beaulieu filming,
with my Mom and Philip beside them.

The Legacy Panel:
Win, Mike, Hans Kiesow (who came all the way from Denmark), and Chris.

Paul Spiteri talking about "What Phil Farmer Taught Me".

Win reading his entry from the memorial.



Paul emceeing the panel where folks would guess
what Farmerian opening lines came from which stories.

(Go on to Part Two.)